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Details BrandPad is the most secure multi-chain IDO platform in the community allowing projects to procure funds by launching rug-free assets. This platform will help in fulfilling dreams of new creators by making their tokens a success along with ultimate security to the investors which is our foremost priority.

In this article, we will guide you in details on how to join IDO on BrandPad, Staking and Buying IDO Tokens.


Buy directly:

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x4d993ec7b44276615bb2f6f20361ab34fbf0ec49



Step 1 : Upcoming Pools

Our website has an upcoming pools section. Click Pools button and you can see and check the upcoming IDO ‘s details in there.

Step 2 : Tier Levels

BrandPad has some tier levels for guaranteed allocation and First Come First Serve (FCFS). Each tier level must stake their $BRAND to participate in IDOs, Here is the Tier levels.

Step 3 : Stake

As we mentioned in step 2, you have to stake to participate in IDOs. You can stake for a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

You can stake by connecting your wallet from our website.

You can start the process by clicking the Stake button on the page that opens.

You can choose the amount you want to stake from the “Stake Amount” section, and the amount of time you want to stake from the “Stake Period” section.

1. Perform the first action by clicking Approve.

2. Click on Stack on the next screen, and your stake will be completed when you perform the second transaction.

3. After completing the transaction, you can see the amount of $BRAND stake and its maturity on the main screen and Expected Yield.


Expected Yield. Staking Options:


And an important note.


Early Claim Penalty is %50

Step 4 : Whitelist

Every IDO has a whitelist. There is no need to hold Brand to apply the whitelist, it’s public. Winners are randomly selected and you can see if you have won by connecting your wallet to our website.

How to Buy IDO Tokens

Go to and click Pools, select the IDO which you wish to participate, then click check details.

Pools screen 2. You can connect your Metamask or Trustwallet by clicking Connect Wallet button.

IDO Details 3. After connecting the wallet, you can check your status in the screen.

That’s it.

When IDO Date comes, just put your allocation amount on the textbox and Click Buy.

Congratulations, you’ve joined our IDO :)


Which token we use for buying IDO tokens ? -BUSD

2.Which network is BrandPad connected to?

-Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

3. Is staking required to participate in IDOs?

-Yes, you must stake for participate. You can see more details in the Step 3.

4.What is “Vesting” ?

-Vesting is the name given to the arrangement that will be distributed on the dates written by the project owners when you purchase a token. So let’s say you bought 1000 x tokens. It is called vesting when the project owner commits to give you 200 units and the rest in 1 month on the listing day.

5. Where can i see last IDO’s and their performances? - you can see here.

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